Registration for the IES 2022 conference.


To be able to submit a paper/a contribution to this conference, you must first register your details by creating an account. Creating account is free and the information you provide is protected, it will not be sold to a third party, or used for marketing or other purposes. 



1) Listener is the person who attends the conference to listen and discuss the conference contributions, BUT does not present his/her own contribution and/or submit a paper at the IES 2021 conference. 

2) By Author is meant the person who presents a contribution and/or submits a paper at the IES 2021 conference, and listens and discusses the conference contributions.

Important Dates

Deadline for registration:August 31, 2022
Deadline for submission of presentation asbtracts:September 10, 2022
Deadline for submission of presentations:September 10, 2022
Deadline for submission of papers:September 10, 2022
Final decision on paper acceptance:October 15, 2022
Deadline for payment:October 31, 2021