Call for Presentation

A place to submit your Presentation and Abstract of your Presentation.

Call for Presentations and Call for Abstracts 

You are encouraged to submit an abstract of your conference presentation that will be included into the Conference Book of Abstracts.

♦   To Prepare your Abstract 

To summarize your presentation into the abstract please follow the Abstract Guidelines (right box). 

♦   To Prepare your Presentation

please follow the instructions below:

  • Time of the presentation should not exceed .... minutes, including discussion.
  • Preferred formats are pptx, pps or pdf. Most of the on-line tools used to prepare presentation allow to save files in the mentioned formats.
  • When using photos in the presentation, please make sure their size is decreased before included to the presentation, so the final size of presentation does not exceed the limit below.
  • The maximum size of presentation is 300 MB. It can consist of maximum of 3 separate files.
  • Introduction of the presenting person, his/her team and/or the affiliated institution in the first few minutes of the presentation will be warmly welcome.

  • After uploading, we will check to see if your presentation can be opened and played. If so, the presentation will be „accepted“ for the conference. In case a trouble appears, we will contact you in order to solve the problem.

♦   To Upload your Abstract / Presentation

To upload your presentation and abstract for the IES conference:

Abstract Guidelines