Conference Fee

The conference is open to a broad audience.

  • The publication of a paper in the Conference Proceedings is subjected to a conference fee of 220 EUR per paper.
  • Abstracts, conference presentations as well as a passive conference participation are free of charge.  

How to pay?

The only way to pay the conference fee is via invoice. Following are the invoicing information we need to obtain from you/your institution (i.e. who will make the payment), to be able to issue the invoice for you: 

Invoicing information

  If an individual:

  • your full name
  • your full address, incl. country

  If a company/university, etc.:

  • company full name
  • (name of participant)
  • company full address, incl. country
  • IČO/VAT number

Important Dates

Important Dates

Deadline for registration:July 31, 2021
Deadline for submission of asbtracts:July 31, 2021
Deadline for submission of presentation:September 30, 2021
Deadline for submission of papers:August 31, 2021
Decision on paper acceptance:September 30, 2021
Deadline for submission of revised papers:October 15, 2021
Final decision on paper acceptance:October 31, 2021
Deadline for payment:November 15, 2021